Color Correction

Color correction is one of the services provided by adobe for images and digital media.

Editings hub technical professional use all these advance tools and technique for providing best quality editing services.

Color correction is the process used to make sure that the image looks exactly the way human eye see it.

Our lab with highly skilled professionals use adobe lightroom that is one of the finest software service provided by adobe.

We value our clients time and money and ensure finest quality work and take responsibility for better results for client satisfaction.

Color correction is done in such a way that their appearance seem more attractive and realistic.

Our goal is to achieve our client requirements in most unique way.

We as a team of editing professionals are passionate and active in providing the latest technical services to our client.

Editings Hub Edit

Do you have a couple of images that you would like to use, but the color of the image is in need of some work? Let our team improve and enhance your images with our professional colour correction skills. With our overall color enhancement feature, you can get a clean and bright finish for all of your photographs. Our team can assist you in improving specific elements in an image apart from adjusting the colour and brightness of the image. In addition, they can work on cast removal, colour replacement or management as required.

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Custom Editing

Everyone has a vision in their eyes about the pictures they have taken. They know exactly what they want to remove & what needs to be highlighted. We at Editings Hub, respect the vision they provide. We give our fullest to cater to all the changes our respective clients ask. If you are having any final picture in your eyes then we are full of ears to listen that in details so we can deliver the best output.

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Detail Recovery Editing

Before color correcting your images, our team will discuss all the details with you, to make sure that everything is done to your taste. Keeping your vision intact is crucial for natural editing. We always cooperate closely with our clients to ensure that their personal style, preferences, and individuality are reflected in the final product. Our highly-trained editors will keep take your wishes, desires in mind help you to shape them. We are always available for further revisions to meet your needs.

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Silhout Editing

In the world of photography, silhout are considered an artistic element. Many people use silhout to add an element of drama and mystery to an image or to help to convey a certain mood.One of the great things about silhout image editing is because of their simplicity, we can tell a story through these images. Silhout Images are a great way to turn an ordinary moment into something that will stand out& Editings Hub is always there to help you from that.

Black & White

Black & White Image is a quite difficult & challenging process. One mistake & your image will look dull. Good B&W conversion is much more than simply clicking a B&W button. It starts off with determining which photos are good candidates to become quality B&W images. Next, we adjust contrast, highlights, and shadows to make sure that the resulting B&W image is not muddy. Finally, we may adjust individual color tones to maintain a glow to the subject's skin.We know what you are looking for and we deliver the best.